30 Days of Self Improvement – Why I’m Proud

One of my teammates shared this challenge with our team today. 30 days of self-improvement. I said yes. Yes to the challenge. Yes to self-improvement. You see, for me, 2018 was the beginning of what I thought would be my best year--a thriving business, immense success, and an amazing new life. But that wasn't the … Continue reading 30 Days of Self Improvement – Why I’m Proud

Girl, Put Your Necklace On

It's no secret, laides: the perfect necklace can make an outfit! But, if your necklace isn't suited to you or your clothing, well it can ruin EVERYTHING! I'm here to save the day. Follow these tips for accessorizing your ensembles so you are always ON POINT! Let Your Body Choose Your Bling I am a … Continue reading Girl, Put Your Necklace On

Natural Headache Relief Tips

Like many of you, I suffer from headaches. In fact, I am writing this now because frankly... I woke up with a pounding headache. You might be wondering how I can bare to look at the harsh light of this laptop. Well, it's because I have followed my tried and true relief tricks that work … Continue reading Natural Headache Relief Tips

How It All Started…

My entire life I have loved animals. From infancy--when my black and white cat, Mittens, used to stand over my crib and protect me--through college--when I smuggled in 6+ hamsters to keep me company since I couldn't have cats--animals have always played a significant role in my life. Of course, I wanted to be a … Continue reading How It All Started…